Baseline Report Update - September 5, 2007
Click Here for the letter that was sent to Supervisor Firestone by POLO, POSY, Women's Environmental Watch and Santa Ynez Valley Alliance regarding the Greater Santa Ynez Valley Baseline Report.

Dear Community Members,

After further review, P.O.L.O. has determined that what the county is calling the Greater Santa Ynez Valley Baseline Report is the County’s version of the tribal gambling cost/benefit and impact analysis that the County promised the community following the hearings held in Feb. 2007. To review those hearings please visit the following links:

Initial Meeting on Gaming Expansion: February 13, 2007 Transcript

Second Meeting on Gaming Expansion: February 27, 2007 Transcript

P.O.L.O. is extremely concerned that the community’s concerns over tribal gambling, expansion and impacts will not be appropriately or adequately addressed in this report because the initial description of the report that was sent out to the public and the county link makes no mention of the "casino."

We are researching this and will update you as soon as possible.


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