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Los Olivos, California (Oct 26) – P.O.L.O. is pleased to announce the transfer of Lavinia Campbell Park into the newly formed P.O.L.O. Park Foundation. The P.O.L.O. Park Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 Corporation and separate from the P.O.L.O. 501 ( c ) 4 Corporation.

All donations to the P.O.L.O. Park Foundation will be used solely for Lavinia Campbell Park and its maintenance. In addition, P.O.L.O. has placed significant deed restrictions on the Park to protect it from any attempts of future development or eminent domain.

“The Los Olivos community, the Santa Ynez Valley and its visitors, greatly enjoy the peaceful respite that the park provides,” said Michelle Griffoul, Foundation President. “P.O.L.O., through many generous community donations, was able to purchase Lavinia Campbell Park in 2003. Placing the park into the Foundation and placing deed restrictions on the land ensures us that the park will remain a park in perpetuity.”

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